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SOUL are Yoga classes, Meditation, Relaxation Techniques and Sound Healings.

Dehnen auf einer Matte


is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. The jivamukti method is grounded in the original meaning of the sanskrit word asana as “seat, connection” relationship to the earth. Earth implies all of life. 


Jivamukti Yoga maintains that one’s relationship to others should be mutually beneficial and come from a consistent place of joy and happiness. A discovery of lasting happiness.


The Jivamukti Open is a powerful and joyful yoga class that is open to all levels. With hand-on-assistants and verbal guidance on alignment, we will guide you through a flowing asana practice. With the chanting of simple mantras and the setting of a conscious intention, we open the class and end it with a short meditation after the final relaxation.




is based on Hatha Yoga and is a modern, very powerful yoga style that was developed by Ana T. Forrest in the USA almost 40 years ago.


Due to the structure of the lesson with long positions and deep breathing, the practice penetrates deeper into the layers below through the top layer of the muscles.


Every person stores experiences, emotions, stress and information in the body in the cell memory in the course of their life. Negative things in particular can lead to physical as well as mental complaints such as fear blocks, trauma or inhibitory behavior. Deep breathing and hands on by the teacher relieve tension.
Detox on the mat!

Ashtanga Klasse


Do you like yoga to be dynamic and powerful and want to have fun practicing it? Then Rocket Yoga is your thing!


Rocket Yoga has its origins in Ashtanga Vinyasa. Rocket Yoga is specially designed to break up the rigid structure of the traditional Ashtanga practice and make it more accessible to all levels.



Rocket Yoga was developed to stimulate the nervous system and to activate valuable Prana (life energy).



Be ready to move a little faster and get stronger!



is a calm style that involves holding poses for several minutes.


In Yin Yoga the focus is on the gentle treatment of the connective tissue and the joints. In order to maintain the mobility of your joints, you have to stretch and strengthen the surrounding connective tissue.


Because the feeling of physical mobility and lightness does not depend on our muscular strength, but on the mobility of our joints.


Yin Yoga strengthens your joints and is a useful addition to any muscular and cardio workout.

Gyan Mudra


is known as the “yoga of sleep” and is ideal if you are looking for deep relaxation.

The brain enters a state of conscious calm, while body, mind and soul draw new strength.  


Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation technique in which guided visualization exercises stimulate your subconscious and verifiably relax and balance your brain and vegetative nervous system. 

Buddhistische Klangschale


Deep relaxation to the sounds of drums, gong or singing bowls.


If the brain waves were recorded with an EEG during sound healing or meditation, the so-called alpha rhythm is measured.


It is in this state that the mind and body regenerate most effectively.


In order to achieve physical and mental balance, conscious regeneration and sleep are just as important as exercise.

Frau, die Liegestütze tut


Strong core, strong life :)!


The yoga class with Focus Core strengthens your absl and back muscles.


Especially useful if you spend a lot of time at your desk.



is a strengthening and dynamic yoga flow in which you bring body and mind into harmony through your breathing.


Yoga Asana


Is a fusion of Dance and Mindfulness Practice. Dance on the mat!


A creative and energizing dance class designed to strengthen your body, activate your mind-muscle connection, and develop your creativity. You will explore your body through improvisation and guided organic movement sequences. 


You will connect with the present moment and tune in with yourself.


This is a moment of mindfulness: you become aware of your body and connect with our intuitive and unique form of movement expression. 


This class fits all levels! 


SWEAT are dynamic Workouts, Barre, Yolethics, HIIT, Calisthenics und Mobility classes.



Barre is a ballet-inspired workout with fun and sweat guarantee.


You can expect a mix of fitness workouts, Pilates and ballet. Core, legs, booty, tighten, shape and rulez the program.


We optimize the training effect with dumbbells, ribbons or balls.


Never tried it? Yeah, just join in, you don't need any ballet skills.


It is best to bring stopper socks with you for training. 

Yoga Stretch


Would you like to combine yoga with a power unit?


Do you like to do yoga and do you want to try a feminine cardio workout?


Then YoBarre is a great start. We combine yoga with a ballet-inspired workout.


So you have combined 2 training effects: strengthening cardiovascular training and stretching in one.


In this way you not only build muscles, but also ensure a smooth definition of your silhouette.

Balletttänzer auf Fußboden


Floor barre strengthening ballet inspired mat workout. An effective floor workout that intensely strengthens and beautifully sculpts your entire body.

We bring ballet positions to the mat in a mix with Pilates.


YEAH let's do some ballet on the mat.



The secret of a great charisma lies above all in a graceful posture. And YEAH! you get that with Pilates, because it primarily strengthens and mobilizes the core of the body, the powerhouse - and thus also the lower back. After just a few exercises, you will stand, sit and look more elegant.


Pilates can reduce stress, relieve back pain, makes you lean and declares a little war to cellulite - YEAH! Let's do it.



BOOTY BURN. In our booty barre class we work on the mat. We focus our glutes. YEAH! We let it burn to shape our silhouettes. 

We strengthen the entire body including your lower back and your arms.



'Get ready for a SMASHING boxing inspired workout! Learn some basic boxing techniques while doing a powerful cardio/upper body/core workout.


Get ready to: 

Tone your arms
Sculpt your abs

Burn a lot of calories while having fun!

You don’t need to have any previous boxing knowledge: we got you!'


INFO: Bring indoor Sneakers for the Training. YEAH SWEAT! A towel would be great too. 

High Plank _edited.jpg


comes from the Greek and means "beautiful power". In this functional training, your body is your training device. Training with your own body weight stabilizes your entire musculoskeletal system, at the same time builds muscles and promotes your coordination skills through the interaction of all muscles.


Practically every muscle is used - from shoulders, stomach and back to legs and calves. Long stretching is also a very effective fascia training and forms a beautiful silhouette.



Mann streckt sich


Mobility training improves your mobility. Compared to pure stretching, it is more dynamic and holistic: the muscles and fasciae are also used.


Mobility training:

  • improves your active agility

  • improves your joint positions

  • improves the gliding ability of the fascia

  • Increase your range of motion

  • technical improvement

  • increasing the effectiveness of your training

  • increases your overall well-being


At CalenstheniChics we offer you training that is specially tailored to women. Calesthenics is a mixed class, open to everyone.

Mit Band hocken


Whole-body workout with a focus on the glutes. ​


What are the effects of the training:

  • Silhouette is defined

  • Muscle mass is built up through strength training

  • Full body shaping


We work with resistance bands for maximum effects.


You can achieve the optimal training balance by combining it with yoga classes.

Frauen, die draußen ausbilden


A crisp interval workout. Intense power phases alternate with active breaks and your heart rate is properly boosted.


What are the effects of the training:

  • Maximize your fat burning

  • Increase your endurance

  • build muscle mass when you do strength exercises

With HIIT you burn significantly more body fat than with moderate fitness training in the same period of time.

You can achieve the optimal balance with HIIT training by combining it with yoga classes.





Comprehensive fitness with natural means, and barefoot the Organic Movement is practiced. Strength, endurance, flexibility or coordination are not trained here separately, but together.


Basic elements are target jumps, rolling, balancing and lifting objects during complex movements. An important goal is to exercise your movements in a way that saves energy and is efficient at the same time.


These basic elements are supplemented by elements from gymnastics, animal move, acrobatics, martial arts, dance, etc.


Frauen in Fitnesskleidung


is the combo of yoga + athlethics. Do you like Power Yoga? Then Yolethics is something for you!

A crunchy high intensity workout to motivating music in connection with power yoga. A dynamic good mood workout.


The direct connection between yoga and workout also ensures a healthy training balance.

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