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Lachen Mädchen Makeover



Looking for a sustainable, healthy, fit and happy lifestyle? Full of energy and a positive mindset?


This program includes all aspects for a full, vital and healthy life. A coaching program that includes nutrition, fitness, mental coaching, lifestyle coaching, yoga and meditation.


8 weeks program

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Weight loss | Body composition

  • Fitness | Workout

  • Mindset | Personal Growths

  • Recovery | yoga





Targeted and personalized nutrition plan including calories and macronutrients. Goals: weight loss, body definition and shape, performance upload, health.



Trainigsplan based on the YEAH STUDIO weekly classes. 


Stress management, autogenic training, meditation, positive thinking. Develop your mindset. Spotify Podcast for flexible access



Includes rest and recovery practice with yoga and stretching.


Freunde, die trainieren





Together we are strong. Chat group for all program members to motivate each other, share successes and tricks, laugh and grow together.



Group calls or live meetings with Q&A or topics. QUESTIONS, EXPERIENCE AND WISHES are exchanged. Focus topics inspire and impart knowledge. Every week | 1 hour


A blog, a knowledge bank about nutrition, fitness, mindset coaching. Flexible all time access during the program. 

Porträt lächelnde Frau


Anna L. 

I have to say that taking part in the program was the right decision for me. I am already very satisfied that I managed to loose five kilos sustainably with the program after my fasting holiday. Above all, I notice that my shape has changed. 


Above all, I eat more consciously and I also think healthier to a large extent. Tracking with the app helped to get started.


My absolute highlight and ultimately also the biggest incentive not to loose control of my eating habits are the courses in the studio. I LOVE the YEAH STUDIO course offering. The additional flat rate for the program helped me a lot, asking myself almost every day if I wouldn't be able to do a course after all.


Through the program I also notice that my relaxation is getting better. All in all, I really enjoyed the 8 weeks - also the exchange with the other participants.

Von zu Hause aus arbeiten

Susanne P. 

I really liked the Deep Health program. My goal was to gain some weight and the high-calorie, protein-rich diet combined with drinking enough water boosted my energy level and I don’t need feel tired during the day anymore. 


In addition, I learned a lot about the composition of food according to the macros and about estimating the amounts of food. I quickly got used to the tracking app. It helps me a lot to take control of myself when it comes to nutrition.


The mental health elements of the program were also inspiring and great. Forrest Yoga, Barre, Booty and Mobility Training at YEAH STUDIO make me feel very good. My body is already more shaped. and I gained more strength. 


So in the 8 weeks I improved my in knowledge, body shape and strength. I like the trainings with the lovely people in your beautiful, minimalist studio and will continue the Studio trainings after the Deep Health Program. 

Glückliche Frau

Christina B.

I wanted to get fitter, feel better and lose some weight. I definitely reached my goals with the help of the course.

Everything somehow feels more balanced, lighter and I'm less stressed.

I ate healthier, more balanced and much more regularly.


I love the background information and recipe tips, which I was able to easily incorporate into my everyday life – especially with regard to a (more) protein-rich diet. Thanks to the more balanced diet, regular exercise and meditation, I was able to fall asleep much better after a short time.


Things I like and things that helped:

• the coaching sessions themselves, which were designed with great care and variety and gave me a great deal of helpful specialist knowledge on various topics related to nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.


• the individual support, in which my personal needs were taken care of the entire time - both in the weekly sessions and via our nutrition app and our chat.


• the blog with lots of background information and insider tips on nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.


• our Whats app chat, through which we were in touch the whole time, to exchange tips and experiences or to motivate each other to go  and meet at the studio to do sports.


• and our small "Deep Health & Nutrition Community" with whom we will certainly meet more often for sports in the future.

Attraktive Frau mit Afro

299 euro | one time payment



Sounds good? Are you ready for transformation? Are you ready to invest time and money in yourself to reach your full potential? We love it. Let's talk!

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